en el mundo entretenimiento noticias internacional When creating a Video or Audio an Inmobly URL provider should be available. The URL format should be in the following format: http://demo.bolt-play.com/radio_centro/#/videoDetails?videoId=MjowXzM4d3FnODUy&type=video&sThumb=https:%2F%2Fcfvod.kaltura.com%2Fapi_v3%2Fservice%2Fthumbasset%2Faction%2Fserve%2FthumbAssetId%2F0_78o2oqvt&track=eyJlcGlzb2RlVGFiIjpmYWxzZSwic2Vhc29uIjp7fSwiZ3JpZFNjcm9sbCI6MH0%3D&sTitle=El%20aburrido The CMS should automatically extract the thumbnail from the url and use it as Promo overrides Once a valid video instance is created with a thumbnail, users clicking on that promo will not be routed to a Video page within the CMS; rather, they shall be re-directed to the URL’s destination (outside of the CMS)